Summer Sharing

Ah, the fourth of July…

That special time of year where we don our patriotism on our heart, literally, as we break out the American flag apron, pour on the A-1 sauce, light up the charcoal briquettes and let the grill do the talking.  Yes, for most of us, the time surrounding Independence Day signifies all-that-is-summer-about-summer—vacations, long unproductive hours daydreaming about our next vacation, and calls to the investment banker to figure out how we can move a few extra bucks into the vacation fund…

OK, so maybe that doesn’t describe us all… And it definitely doesn’t describe Gnip’s COO Chris Moody, as noted by a recent share on Amplifize, courtesy of the Feld blog. Having just presented at Big Boulder, an inaugural event focusing on social data, Moody sent an email to the Gnip team, essentially saying,

“Hold the vacation planning…we aren’t done yet.”

Milestones, as Moody notes, are easily mistaken for business results. A great presentation, a funding break, or the announcement of a hard-fought partnership agreement may all sound like a great reason to break out the champagne, but the real work, the real entrée, is yet to come. Sure, you should celebrate the wins, but being able to focus the next day after a hard night of partying is crucial to keeping everyone pointed in the same direction. Because if you aren’t, others sure are, such as GM, whose Driver Aid Information and Routing (DAIR) system became a precursory element to our modern day computerized car. But this technology wasn’t being developed in 1996, but rather, 1966… 46 years ago!

It’s this tenacity and focus that we certainly maintain at Amplifize, in between the occasional burger or firework display. We know that if we aren’t doing it, there’s a COO somewhere convincing his team that perhaps we can make a splash in this summer heat…

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